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Raynblest Prunes

Raynblest grows, dries and sells the premier prunes in the Pacific Northwest (if we may humbly say so ourselves). Our Moyer, Brooks and Italian prunes are known by prune lovers in Oregon and Washington as naturally sweet and meaty. Unlike grocery store prunes, our prunes are dryer – this means you get more sweet prunes per pound and they'll last longer on your shelf.

Our prune orchard is farmed without any synthetic sprays or fertilizers. Our prunes are minimally processed, and are sold with the pit left in place. They're the real deal.

Want proof of our prunes' sweetness? If you let them sit around for a long while, the natural sugars in our prunes will start to crystallize into a white sugary coating. It's not spoilage at all, but the natural sugars in the fruit. Of course, you'll probably eat them long before that! If you're not going to eat them right away, we do recommend keeping them in the fridge for freshness.

Prunes: 1 Pound Bag

A one-pound bag of our delicious prunes. Currently unavailable

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Prunes: 5 Pound Bag

A big 5-pound bag of our delicious prunes. Currently unavailable

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Moyer Prunes

Moyer prunes were developed in Douglas County Oregon by Mr Moyer near the turn of the last century, the Moyer prune has become the standard for the commercially grown prune in Oregon. It is also becoming the standard around the world as it becomes better known.

As for eating, you will find it to be a large, extra meaty prune with a mild, fruity, flavor for snacking or cooking. At the farmers markets this is the prune most often purchased by the local chefs. It's Barbara's favorite.

Brooks Prunes

While claimed by many to be from Brooks Oregon, the Brooks prune was found in another Oregon town, Lafayette. Considered by many prune lovers, Gus included, to be the best flavored prune available. It is not as often grown commercially as it once was, because as it grows, a small piece of the pit can separate from the rest of the pit. This is not a problem for prunes that are not pitted. By a slim margin, the Brooks prune is our best seller at the farmers market.

Italian Prunes

Italian prunes are the old standby. They were the first prune grown large scale in Oregon, and still have a loyal following. The tend to be less meaty, and are smaller than the other two. The flavor is more intense, with a zingy tartness that many love. The Italian prune is favored by our son Matthew.